1. Rail Coalition: Trains are the ticket to zero emissions

    07 Mar 2022
    https://thisisreno.com/2022/03/rail-coalition-trains-are-the-ticket-to-zero-emissions/Commute times are increasing across northern Nevada. As the population continues to grow, rush hour could soon rival Sacramento and other large cities. An increase in congestion leads to increased vehicle emissions and the potential for worsening air pollution rises.  The Nevada Rail Coalition (NRC) was established last year to…

  2. City Growth Competing with Horse Herd in South Reno

    14 Feb 2022
    In south Reno at the north end of Rio Wrangler Parkway, a gate often gets left open. That is leading to a host of issues for local residents and officials with the City of Reno, Nevada Department of Transportation and American Wild Horse Campaign.  More than 3,000 horses battling drought…

  3. The Face of Fire Under Climate Change

    09 Nov 2021
    With the climate crisis worsening the frequency and severity of wildfires, communities are feeling the pain—and the cost California’s Dixie Fire, the second-largest wildfire in the state’s history, started as a small 600-square-foot fire. Within a week, the blaze covered roughly 100,000 acres. Evacuations were ordered, and more than 10,000…

  4. Local Bus Drivers Explain Their Reasons for Returning to Picket Line

    28 Sep 2021
    The last strike ended August 12th after 10 days of stoppage and an agreement over health care but resumed this week as overall negotiations stalled for a new contract between the Teamsters Union and private operator Keolis. For Armand Martinez not driving a bus right now is challenging. He used…

  5. SpaceX satellites soaring across Nevada night sky leave many curious

    14 Jun 2021
    If you have looked up at the night sky lately, you may have seen a string of lights blazing by. While these may be an unidentified object to a lot of people, they are part of Elon Musk’s goal of universal internet. These SpaceX satellites, known as Starlinks, are often…

  6. Nonpoint Source Pollution: Killing the Truckee River by degrees

    18 Mar 2021
    Leading cause of water pollution in Nevada poses complex problem and solution As more people move into the Truckee River watershed, demand for water is increasing while more and more nonpoint source (NPS) pollution is making its way to the river. Nearly half a million people get their water from…

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