Combatting Food Apartheid

The lack of access to fresh food is a systemic issue across the country. This photo essay explores how a local urban farm is leading the pack in addressing food apartheid. From the harvest of produce by volunteers to the delivery of nutritious fruits and vegetables, Reno Food Systems is addressing food apartheid head on. Also known as food injustice, food apartheid is how the system has left the most vulnerable, often communities of color, without access to fresh food. 

These images were born out of reporting a story for which can be read here

Seed garlic waiting to be planted.

Reno Food Systems employee Sonya Hernandez posing for a portrait while washing kale that will be donated to a local organization helping women and children get access to fresh food.

Junella Zuniga listening to Meagan O’Farrell ask about ways Reno Food Systems can better serve the people that the Women and Children’s Center of the Sierra.

Reno Food Systems’ Food Justice Manager Meagan O’Farrell poses for a portrait before loading freshly harvest vegetables to be delivered to the Women and Children’s Center of the Sierra. 

Copyright Richard Bednarski
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