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  1. Are Our Sierra Nevada Towns Destined to Go Down in Flames?

    2022-07-13 20:26:00 UTC

    This story was originally published with both The Xylom & The Sierra Nevada Ally. Visit them to see the story’s visuals and consider supporting independent journalism.  I grew up in Quincy, California, a small, vibrant mountain community in the far north reaches of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The area…

  2. The Face of Fire Under Climate Change

    2021-11-09 15:51:00 UTC

    With the climate crisis worsening the frequency and severity of wildfires, communities are feeling the pain—and the cost California’s Dixie Fire, the second-largest wildfire in the state’s history, started as a small 600-square-foot fire. Within a week, the blaze covered roughly 100,000 acres. Evacuations were ordered, and more than 10,000…

  3. SpaceX satellites soaring across Nevada night sky leave many curious

    2021-06-14 15:04:00 UTC

    If you have looked up at the night sky lately, you may have seen a string of lights blazing by. While these may be an unidentified object to a lot of people, they are part of Elon Musk’s goal of universal internet. These SpaceX satellites, known as Starlinks, are often…

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